The Hidden Adult Notes

The Hidden Adult Notes - The Hidden Adult Notes: o 29...

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The Hidden Adult Notes: o 29 Children’s books contain a shadow, unconscious, more complex and complete truth o Hides but still manages to imply the presence of something less simple o Childhood can only be understood in binary as not adulthood o Sublimate- direct energy or urges into useful activities o Hidden sexual, cultural, historical knowledge available only to adults o Children must have access to some level of complexity to understand apparent simplicities o Practical and economic audience=publishers, those in control of children’s lit distribution o 30 appealing to 2 audiences is inherently conflicted o child is not the genuine addressee (intended to not understand some) ambivalence (Shavit) o Even more basic, ambivalence arises from subordination of children in binarism o Please children as they transform into something better o 31 Some stories require both audiences to suppress some knowledge, thereby creating an ambivalent child reader to subvert the fiction of an innocent child self Narrator and Narrattee o double experience causes adults to want to speak from their adult experience o Narrators are often like the author, like an adult talking to a child o Aidan Chambers- tone of friendly adult storyteller who knows how to entertain children while at the same time keeping them in their place o Perception of children as different from and less than adults o Adults expect children to identify with the central characters of texts, not the adult reader
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o Jacqueline Rose —increasing narrativisation of children’s lit, more overt narrative voice that is both didactic and repressive o N: Perhaps adult storyteller not so hidden, as witnessed by lots of information on the authors. Also Children realize that the books are a product of adult imagination. o John Stephens— child realize an adult is writing whether the narrators are obviously present or not o If what children already knew from their childish point of view were adequate, then adults would not need to provide books for them in order to make the superiority of adult wisdom clear to them. o
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The Hidden Adult Notes - The Hidden Adult Notes: o 29...

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