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The God of Small Things Notes - The God of Small Things...

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The God of Small Things Notes: Ch.1Paradise, Pickles, and Preserves o 3-- People in tune with the seasons and land o 4-5 Estha and Rahel have intertwined memories, which are referred to as “only the small things” o Navomi “Baby” Ipe is the grandaunt of the twins o 6-- The twins have weird assumptions: o If they’d been born on the bus they would’ve gotten free bus rides for life o If you get killed in a zebra xing the government pays for funeral o 6 does some rhyming in her descriptions “lined/shined,” “viable/die- able” o 8 “the world had other ways of breaking men” o 7 Rahel is being shown things by her dead cousin Sophie Mol o Bat baby o Painting in the ceiling death o Earth sounds o She dies because of the funeral o 9-10 Mother harassed by English policeman o 10— veshya, and who are illegitimate children o vaishya- Hindu of the upper class traditionally assigned to agricultural jobs o 10-Twins separated after this o 12- description of Estha, barely speaks and very good at blending in o “very small” o 13- Estha owns a mongrel “Khubchand” o 14 first mention of outside “shit and pesticides bought by world bank loans”
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o 14 reference to exportation of labor, unhappy o 16- Rahel has also left and returned, her return disturbs Estha o 17- Sophie Mol is the seeker of small wisdoms o 18 Rahel wants to know if breasts hurt because they are not acknowledged by the Christian institution o 19 Rahel marries indifferently o obeisance- bow, kneeling in submission o 20 Big God and Small God o poised between the terror of war and horror of peace o 22 Baby associated with cucumbers o wears lots of jewelry o living her life backwards o 26 Baby Kochamma becomes a Roman Catholic, develops a reputation, can’t be married o gets fat in America o gives up gardening when TV comes o 31- foreshadows Sophie Mol’s death as Estha’s fault o velutha, same man who fell from the ceiling is arrested for her death o 33 love laws, who should be loved and how, and how much o earlier compared to the jelly jam factory their mother owned and
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The God of Small Things Notes - The God of Small Things...

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