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Adolescence module 7

Adolescence module 7 - A dolescence Module 9 1 Physical...

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Adolescence Module 9 1. Physical Development a. Girls have an earlier pubertal growth spurt b. Boys keep growing and become taller than girls after age 14 c. Secondary Sexual Characteristics i. Female 1. First period: Manarchy 2. Breasts, pubic hair, enlargement of uterus, underarm hair growth, ii. Men 1. Facial and under air hair, larynx enlargement, pubic hair growth, growth of penis and testes, beginning of ejaculation 2. Brain Development a. Neurons in the front of the brain grow myelin sheath b. Frontal lobes continue to keep maturing until you are 25 c. Limbic system –emotional processing d. Cognitive Development i. Increase level of social awareness: 1. About their own thinking. 2. What others are thinking. 3. What others are thinking about them. 4. How ideals can be reached. They criticize society, parents, and even themselves.
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ii. 3 basic levels of moral thinking 1. Pre morality before age 9 a. Kids develop their own morality. Don’t want to get into trouble b. Hierarchal iii. Forming an Identity 1.
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