Module 5 and 6 - Psychology Behavior Genetics and...

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Psychology Behavior Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology—Module 5 1) Environment-every non-genetic influence, from prenatal nutrition to the people and things around us 2) Behavior Genetics: Predicting Individual Differences a) Behavior geneticists: the study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior i) Study our differences and weigh the relative effects of heredity and environment. b) Genes: our codes for life i) Nucleus: the inner area of a cell that houses chromosomes and genes ii) Chromosomes: threadlike structure made largely of DNA molecules iii) Genes: segment of DNA containing the code for a particular protein; determines our individual biological development (1) We look for specific genes that might contribute to a particular behavior trait (2) A blend of these genes in reality iv) Genotype-The genes inside the body v) Phenotype- genes expressed that one can see (1) E.g. colors of a flower vi) Endphenotype- a psychiatric concept and a special kind of biomarker. The purpose of the concept is to divide behavioral symptoms into more stable phenotypes with a clear genetic connection. (1) Behavioral symptoms; ADD: not paying attention
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Module 5 and 6 - Psychology Behavior Genetics and...

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