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American Literature 1830 final study guide

American Literature 1830 final study guide - American...

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American Literature 1830-65 Despite the earlier efforts of revered authors like William Cullen Bryant and Washington Irving, many critics shared Emerson’s belief that American writers had not yet created a truly indigenous or “native” literature. As difficult as it was to recognize in 1846, however, a distinctly American literature had already begun to emerge. European Romanticism exerted a powerful force on American writers. The nation’s literature also revealed a Romantic emphasis on imagination and individual psychology, as well as on the importance of history and locale, which American writers explored in a wide range of works Short story So much important writing was produced during the early 1850s that those years have been described as the “American Renaissance,” a term that with almost equal justification may be applied to the whole period from 1830 to the Civil War. The production of printed materials was also radically altered by new technologies, including the introduction of cheap machine made paper Development of mechanical power-press and cheaper printing More readers in increased due to rising literacy rates The expansion of the literary marketplace encouraged many aspiring writers to seek to make a career of authorship, something only a handful of American writers had managed to do before 1830. Novels gained increasing popularity during the period Widespread distribution of books and periodicals was made possible by the establishment of a national postal system and a revolution in transportation Steamboats and railroads Mass circulation of newspapers 2 nd Great Awakening was a huge boom for the Protestant faith and therefore this time period saw an massive amount of religious books published Many writers of the period continued to focus their attention on nature and rural life
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Page 592—timeline of works published Page 602 talks about “Manifest Destiny” The historical belief that the United States is destined, even divinely ordained, to expand across the North American continent, from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean The Era of Reform pages 607- 616 The increasing power of the periodical press led to the establishment of numerous magazines and newspapers sponsored by reform societies or devoted to a single cause. Temperance Transcendentalists: a loosely connected group of writers and intellectuals in and around Boston Get closer to God by Nature Political/philosophical theory Transcendence achieved through the individual You don’t need a priest or book, you can transcend by yourself Believe the holy trinity is irrational No original sin Write about ideas for self reform Individual reform will lead to societal reform This will fix society Advocated for a revolution of human consciousness Romanticism Democratic, plain, everyday language. The common man can read and understand.
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American Literature 1830 final study guide - American...

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