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Midterm Study Guide - Sociology 102 Midterm Study Guide...

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Sociology 102 Midterm Study Guide Concepts Accomplishments of Natural Growth: allowing kids to grow on their own o Practiced by working class and poor parents o Pro is there are deeper family ties o Cons are they are powerless in the face of institutions, as well as distrustful of the institutions Archival : Borderwork : interactions across gender boundaries that simultaneously are based on and strengthen those boundaries Child labor: young children sent to work during the industrial revolution; most often occurred with poor and new immigrant families Child Savors: worked with unions for the “family wage” and the possibility of a “protected” childhood for all children o Worked to end child labor Class: different places in social structures or social standings o Often based on economics o Can be divided into many different ways o Decided by: Income Wealth Occupation Education Combination of above Concerted Cultivation: parents being extremely involved in their children’s lives o Pro of being able to navigate institutions o Cons are exhaustion, more tentative ties with extended family, and a loss of childhood o Occurs most often in the middle class Deliberate and Inadvertent Race Socialization: Demographic Transition: change in population o 18th century and 20 th century there was a decline of birth and death rates o Less births, longer life span o Each child cost more and less contribution to the family Developmental Approach: Discrimination: an action that treats people differently based on a social category Doing Gender: rules of interaction, gender norms, and specific tolls in certain situations o Different sex bathrooms
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o Ideal femininity o How people expect us to act Ethnicity : social construction of people who distinguish themselves or others based on culture or nationality Ethnography
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Midterm Study Guide - Sociology 102 Midterm Study Guide...

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