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Music 101 - • Half rests • Quarter rests • 8 th rests...

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Music 101 February 18, 2011 Notation Consecutive motion Line motion A dot beside the note adds half of the note value to itself. The dot has to be under the note. Triplet A quarter note A curved line that connects two notes on the same line/space is a tie. Accidentals # - Sharp b- Flat Natural Half step- any key up or down to the very next key. E-raise half step by bringing down half step. Accidental affect the note on the same line/space for the duration of the measure. Rests sits on the line and ant # of beats it is a whole rest.
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Unformatted text preview: • Half rests • Quarter rests • 8 th rests • 16 th rests Melody • Tunes • Notes on line are in terms of Linear and horizontal aspect • Pitch= letter • Motive=words describe what you hear • Phrase- sentence (cadence)- a resting or breathing in the phrase • Parallel phrases that begins alike • Period (that is in a paragraph) is two or more phrases • Legato – smoothly and connected • Staccato- sounder no silence...
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