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AS2-56-41: Canadian Income According to Statistics Canada, in 2004 the median household income in Canada was $58,100 and the mean was $76,100.What would you predict about the shape of the distribution? Why? The shape of the distribution would be skewed to the right since the value of the mean is higher than the median. TRE-105-9: Blood Pressure Measurements Fourteen different second-year medical students at Bellevue Hospital measured the blood pressure of the same person. The systolic readings (in mmHg) are listed below.
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Unformatted text preview: Find the range, variance, and standard deviation for the given sample data. Range= Max-Min Range=144 - 120 = 24 Variance Standard Deviation n= 14 mean = 133.9 ~134 Sum =5 Square root of 5/14-1= square root of 13 If the subject's blood pressure remains constant and the medical students correctly apply the same measurement technique, what should be the value of the standard deviation? 138 130 135 140 120 125 120 130 130 144 143 140 130 150...
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