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Dalloway guide - 69-80 Peter asks them the time remembers...

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Mrs. Dalloway guide 3-13: C buys flowers, runs into Hugh, thinks of Peter, Miss Kilman, 13-20 : car backfires, important personage in carriage, Septimus, crowd responds to personage 20-28: skywriting, Septimus, Rezia, Maisie Johnson, Mrs. Dempster 28-39: C at home, Richard asked to Lady Burton’s, memories of Sally, Lucy’s help 39-47: Peter arrives 47-55: Peter walks, follows woman, falls asleep 55-57: Peter’s dream? The “solitary traveler” 57-63: Pater wakes, his memories of C 63-69: Rezia, Septimus’s shell-shock symptoms
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Unformatted text preview: 69-80: Peter asks them the time, remembers Bourton, beggar woman 80-88: Rezia, Septimus’s history, 88-100: Holmes, Sir William Bradshaw 100-110: Bruton lunch 110-119: Richard and Hugh leave, Richard goes home to Clarissa 119-125: Elizabeth and Ms. Kilman with Clarissa 112-136: Elizabeth and Ms. Kilman at store, Elizabeth rides the bus 137-147: Septimus’s suicide 147-161: Peter goes to his hotel 162-190: Clarissa’s party...
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