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PRIMING - connections When one concept is activated it...

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PRIMING Priming - a temporary increase in the accessibility of a construct in memory 3 theoretical models of priming: 1. Storage bin- concepts that are most recently primed are stored on the top of the “bin” and are most easily accessed Example: learning new names 2. Storage battery- based on frequency of inputs; more inputs of a concept charges up conscious points in memory Example: phone numbers (keep repeating the number to people) 3. Synapse view- recently primed concepts have stronger effect but for a limited period of time frequently primed concepts have strong effects over a longer period of time EMPHASIS on time ! Spreading activation model - making associations based on priming (web of
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Unformatted text preview: connections) When one concept is activated, it spreads to related concepts (more accessible to memory) Variables that enhance/reduce priming effects: Intentional/accidental acts (perceived meaning) enhance priming if intentional, reduce if accidental Perceived justifiability enhanced if justified, reduced if unjust Character identification enhance if relatable, reduce if unknown Perceived reality enhanced if it feels real, reduced if it feels fictional Memories of prior experiences enhance if memory is triggered, reduced if not. Chapter 5-focus on aggression example...
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