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1. The myth starts out with two people having a goal to have everyone brought out into Father’s light. The people adventure on Earth searching for people. They first go west to tell the people there to give Father prayer sticks and sacred meals. The two people then go north where they meet a priest. This priest is the senior priest. While the twins are with the priest, they decided to summon their grandson, the hummingbird. The twins needed hummingbird to try and find a way back to the sky. Since the hummingbird failed, the twins called upon their other grandson. This grandson was a locust. The locust went into another world three times. On the fourth time the locust lost its strength. Since the locust failed the twins summoned the third grandson whom was Reed Youth. Reed Youth succeeded in passing through the two worlds all four times. Reed Youth then stood in his Father’s light and went away. Days go by and the priests turn into grotesque creatures. Spider told the priests to wash themselves with hot water to cleanse
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