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Jonathon Edwards eng 235 - September 23, 2008 English...

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September 23, 2008 English Literature Dr . Shin A Review of Jonathon Edwards ’ “Personal Narrative” Jonathon Edwards wrote many narratives throughout the later years of his life . One of his most famous narratives was one about his personal life entitled “Personal Narrative .” He began writing the narrative in January of 1739 . This wasn ’t published until after his death by Edwards ’ friend, Samuel Hopkins. “Personal Narrative” was published in 1765 . It was in the book The Life and Character of the Late Rev . Mr . Jonathon Edwards . It had the title “An Account of His Conversion, Experiences, and Religious Exercises .” “Personal Narrative” starts out with Edwards in his young teenager stage several years before attending college . He begins by saying how he had an awakening while attending his father ’s congregation. The awakening affected him for many of the following months . During that time Edwards would secretly pray for five times a day since he was concerned about his soul ’s salvation. He goes on to say how he and a group of his friends would have prayer study groups . Later they built a small booth in the swamp just so they could go there and pray in secrecy .
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When Jonathon Edwards was in college, he fell into the ways of sin . He forgot about praying and lost touch with God . During his last year of college, Edwards became very ill . He had developed the disease pleurisy which is a respiratory disease . He believed that God made him sick so that he would believe in the lord again
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Jonathon Edwards eng 235 - September 23, 2008 English...

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