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Annan, Kofi. “Living in a Water-Scarce World.” Global Population and Environment 23 Feb. 2008. “Living in a Water-Scarce World” is an article about the increasing problem of water scarcity. All over the world, mainly in third world countries, there is a lack of water that is readily available for humans. The main reason is because of the world’s population is increasing dramatically. The article states every year the world’s population grows by approximately 80 million people. Most of this growth is in third world countries which already have enough trouble already obtaining drinkable water. The second problem the article states is that pollution is contaminating all of the freshwater streams and ponds. This is the reason why Atlanta, Georgia has a water shortage problem. I believe this should be a huge concern for the whole world.
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Unformatted text preview: Millions of people each day dont get the adequate amount of water needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The United States in the future will be fine, but third world countries will have a very hard time trying to get enough water for their people. I think that all of the stronger nations such as the United States and some of the European countries should help out the less fortunate nations. Without their help, the third world countries people will sooner or later all die because of the lack of water. The idea of scarcity relates closely to what we are studying in class. We learned that as the number of people increase, the need of water will also increase. Since we only have a certain supply of water, scarcity will occur, and that is what is starting to happen in the world....
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