marketing 2 - determine him and would trust him with an...

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Marketing “MLB MVP Joe Mauer begins hunting for endorsement Deals” is a great article involving marketing and sports. Joe Mauer recently won the American League MVP during the 2009 baseball season. He is the Minnesota Twins’ catcher and has just been signed by I MG for marketing purposes. I MG said he would be a good individual to represent their companies marketing advertisements. He is a very young talented player that has yet to hit his peak. As he progresses more people will become familiar with him. Joe Mauer was first used for an advertisement in 2007 with Pepsi Co. At the time, less than one fourth of the country could identify him. The most well known sports figures are Derek Jeter and Brett Favre. About 80% of the population can recognize them by name or by seeing them. Now in 2009 after winning the AL MVP, studies showed that above 60% of the population could
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Unformatted text preview: determine him and would trust him with an endorsement. The way these percentages are figured out, are with the use of the Davie-Brown Index. This is a survey is compiled by researchers to help determine the awareness of public figures to country. The figures are ranked monthly using traits like awareness, appeal, and trust. In 2009, the number one public figure is Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings. Having public figures and athletes for marketing is a great idea for promoting your product or service. There are many rewards but there also could be some risks. Having a positive figure gives the community someone to look up to and trust. The person will bring a good vibe towards the company. Once the figure does something unethical, the figure could hurt the companies appearance. Deciding on candidates for marketing can be very risky....
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marketing 2 - determine him and would trust him with an...

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