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MBD2 - be used to keep a demographic record of customers...

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11/11/10 When comparing spreadsheets to databases, there is no contest.  Databases are  the future for comparing data and keeping track of customers.  After doing research  about databases I have come across very useful data.  Databases are easier to share  because they allow more than one person to view them, edit them, and make changes  to them.  Spreadsheets are only allowed to be manipulated by one person at a time.  Another reason why databases are superior is that they are more efficient.  With  databases you can link related tables and store valuable information that goes along  with it.  I have also found out that databases like Access are easier to maintain.  They  do not need to be formatted and do not need to have formulas all over the place to have  data presentable.   Databases are very useful in the business world for many purposes.  They can 
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Unformatted text preview: be used to keep a demographic record of customers. This allows the company to target their customers better. The company can also use this information to find out which groups of people aren’t using their product. Another way databases can help out businesses is that they can keep track of contact information. The use of contact information can be used to distribute coupons, discounts, or other special advertisement right to their customers. Relational databases match common characteristics within datasets. They help organize data and make them easier for people to understand. They use primary keys to connect the different datasheets. They can be used to help out businesses by tying together information. They can also be used to keep track of consumers....
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MBD2 - be used to keep a demographic record of customers...

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