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IS CRM MBD II - such as YouTube There are much easier ways...

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If I were to use YouTube as a vehicle to communicate I would try and make it advertise locally so that people all around the world we’re not getting the ad. I would tell the customers what to expect in the next couple of weeks to ensure that people do not get upset. The ad would be placed before the people view the video so that in order to get to the video, the ad has to be watched. Some pros would be that it would get the message out to online users fairly easy. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort to set up either. There are more cons in my opinion however. Many people do not use YouTube. Therefore many people would not be getting the notice about the long lines. It would be pricey to set up an ad and have it run on a very popular site
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Unformatted text preview: such as YouTube. There are much easier ways to communicate with customers. The simplest way to communicate with customers via technology would be to have a marquee outside warning customers before they entered. Now days there are so many fancy marquees that anything could be placed on them. Another way would be to contact everyone who signed up at the coffee shop via cell phone. A simple mass text would be issued explaining the problem and how long it would be happening. Placing the notice on the company’s website is another easy way to get the message out. All of these ways I personally think would be a lot easier then the use of YouTube....
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IS CRM MBD II - such as YouTube There are much easier ways...

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