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img007 - WW 05"” Click the spleen button The sum is...

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Unformatted text preview: WW: 05"” Click the spleen button: The sum is in lymphoid organ that WM and IWS we mu from circulation. Most old erythrocytes are engulfed by macrophages in the spleen and the MM n... The iron is removed and the heme is converted to bilirubin. am” Blllfllbm 15 released into the lasma gtvmg it a m- 1:, Click the return button. I“ W“ m Click the liver button: The bilirubin travels to the 1319; Mcmm where it is catabolized fim‘her. Most products of bilirubin embolism me, bile to the m 11 intestine and ultimawa secreted in the feces. Other bilirubin metabolites on... are released into the bloodstream, where they travel to the Dan-- kidneys and are eliminated in the urine imparting a yellowish °E color to the urine. The iron that is released is recycled to am form new hemoglobin. Click the return button. \dg [En-j Gordian-ah Intern Med Bloodecmponmt: [5‘ Erythrocyt- prom" my. OM- _ ”h I ”or. I I Go to the next screen: Here’s a summary of some 0‘ I - Folk: Ida ~ mm W'ynflmh ofDNA important dieuuy requirements for healthy hemoglobin -. —VtmmB1Z-modedforsmlsotm kph on... [if s"°"""°"""’ """""“ ”" "mm“: Click the Home Menu Button .Wmmmmum (Symm' “55) R30: an manor then normal end a decrease In imp-I W W . M‘- - 0 HIV ' Wmnmmm l mm ENE EN” mums-(m @ mm“ @m’ Click the Leukocytes Button: Compared to m We... erythrocytes, leukocytes (white blood cells) are far less n " numerous in the blood. Leukocytes are nucleated and possess .m h .93.. all the normal cellular machinery, and they are thus the only Om“ ”W" "‘ "°""" “W" ‘3 fully functional cells in the blood. Leukocytes are also found , " in other tissues of the body due to their mobilr_ty' , which allows .mmwgmw ”I . them to squeeze through the pores in capillaries. This m OW: . Is. . VQ/ migratensnmponant to their function, which ts to defend the mm. mm m Wing invading microorganisms and other foreign Dunn A n‘l" K ...
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