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img009 - blood vessel damage to prevent unnecessary blood...

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Unformatted text preview: blood vessel damage to prevent unnecessary blood clots that might occlude blood low : - ; gs ‘° . iu'ic oxide - th not form on normal endothelium because l I — I . . - A . r- 113 continuous of which inhibits platelet gggation. "— w. ieéafl 3.0,, "“"h' ""‘““‘ (yd! “W Go to the next screen: Integral to the formation ofa ‘ blood clot is a plasma protein called fibrin, which is necessary for the blood to coagulate, or be converted into a I ”a m m.” M _ gel that traps erythrocytes and plugs the damage to the blood on... m blood clot is a plum man vessel and thus prevents blood loss. on. We called fibrin Om Tram erythrocytes and plug: the dam to the blood vocal and pmmh blood loss V’flfifi END rmm‘ Click the Home Menu Button You have now completed this module Dana 1; AF‘ ...
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