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img016 - mm “W" Go to the next screen The diaphragm...

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Unformatted text preview: mm “W" Go to the next screen: The diaphragm and the warm; mechanics external intercostals muscles are the primary inspiratory muscles whereas the internal intercostals and abdominal 3:— m“ muscles are the ' ‘ muscles altho la '- Emhmmmmmmm . . . .anexm , .u.g --v mrw Mug) expiration rs primarily a passwe process not requiring * cum all ma Iulw mu In “It listing politic" any [name mm”- memmm~mmwm Increases 3¥'ro:t6{% firmmummmhwwm __ ‘L‘C‘? '1’ mm — (1+. \Wcostczb 5:": 8 -?“‘-{(\w Ce5+q 3 039A . muscle 5 G0 to the next screen: Deep breathing uses forceful contractions of the respiratory muscles. Remember that during quiet breathing expiration is a passive process that does not required muscle contraction. Click the Home Menu Button You have now completed this module DunAK nf“ ...
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