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img037 - Thu-hope!“ Simsquamom Dill m ”It!“...

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Unformatted text preview: Thu-hope!“ Simsquamom Dill! m ”It!“ WmmMnmenm-mmmmm h"... WVWNMMMMMM.MMDW mud and” at: dung-a "a WW:W§memfith-flu avid-ohm mwmflhlpnalnhhuH-b-IMQWMNH‘M a "uni! { nf’l Go to the next screen: The proximal convoluted tubule hasalage surface areamd ishighly permeable to water and many solutes that can freely pass through. Go to the next screen: The proximal tubule empties into the loop of Henle, the portion of the tubule that makes up the hairpin loop within the medulla. The loop of Hmleisdivided intothreesections—thethindescmding loop of Henle, the thin ascending limb of Henle and the thick ascend'mg limb of Henle. The first section is thin loop of Henle‘ Go to the next screen: The thin loop of Henle consists of simple sqmnous cells that are h_igl;ly.permeable to water but not to solutes f. —-—- Go to the next screen: The next portion of the loop of Henle is the thin ascending limb and is basically similar in structure to the thin descending limb. The third portion of the loop of Henle is the thick ascending limb. Go to the next screen: The thick ascending limb has a waterproof glycoprotein layer that restricts the diffusion of water. This part of the tubule is hjghumm sebum-especially sodium chloride'because of the many active transporters that are available. Go to the next screen: The late distal convoluted tubule and the cortical collecting duct are similar in structure. Go to the next screen: There are two types of epithelial cells: Principle cells and mtercalated cells. The primimLcflErespond to Murat regulate the permeability of water and solutes. The intercalated cells help maintain the acid-base balance by secreting H+ ions. ...
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