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Unformatted text preview: Go to the next screen: Again, Wride from the ascending limb, coupled with the net diffusion of water out of the dgichiingJimh. reestablishes the 200 mosm/liter gradient at all levels and equalizes the osmotic gradient for the descending limb. Thelma-um: “Imam Fluids-6W ‘ Go to the next screen: As this process continues, W "°'" "°‘""" ‘“"‘“' '°“"' ”W” the fluid in the descending limb becomes increasingly “mtg???“ “rm-mum more hypemmic until it reaches a maximum concentration of 1,200 mosm/liter at the bottom of the Damondiug limb at u- Ascending limb at loop A loop of Honk loop of Henl- Go to the next screen: Because the interstitial fluid always achieves equilibrium with the descending 7 fimxflffim'l” limb, a gradient is likewise established in the _kfi w W “Wm-t“ W“ G medullaxy interstitial fluid. ‘ mun—u ‘ Go to the next screen: In contrast, the concentration of the tubular fluid in the ascending limb progressively decreases as Na+ is pumped out and water is unable to follow. Go to the next screen: Note that even though the ascending limb pump can generate a gradient of only 200 mosm/liter at each horizontal level, this effect is multiplied into a large vertical gradient because of the countercurrent flow within the loop. This concentration mechanism is known as countercurrent multiplication. Click the Home Menu Button You have now completed this module Penn 5 AFR ...
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