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Unformatted text preview: 9% «36° . “KW >90¢©¢O tin-laryxfied‘b ionogfiafi‘ *‘tLXeq-éé \ (9-H 65., ‘ 0 § (bi-o (Sq Q] q\' 3 ._,£ 05“ ' g i “Q en)» Click the Neurotransmitters Button: Neurotransmi and receptors in the autonomic nervous system follo three ' tinct anatomical pathways. In all cases the pregang ionic neuron releases acetylcholine (Ach), which then binds to nicotinic cholingg'c mtors on either postganglmnneutons or endocrine cells in them We W release nompinephfine— (NE), which binds to Wm on the eflector eases- Neurotransmitters and receptors in the parasympathetic z—«fQ—«l L1 =-.. pathway are a bit different. Acetylcholine is released from . mun“; ‘- -----v--- % hetpreganglionic and postganglionic neurons; it binds to nicotinic cholin ic receptors on the postganglionic neuron, and to muscan'nic cholinergic receptors at the effector organ. (fi/' a“ c .s m . c WC ' r (J ' t wet-7 a Ctr/es 4:143; fimssc , . . _, M“ 23......“ u .m', Go to the next screen: The sympathetic ngmous m system is responsible for the time. It is M , 9‘10“? ' able to initiate a mass activation of several effectors that and m prepare the body for intense activity. Cardiac output :1: 4E Mam mum- increases, pupils dilate, there is increased sweating, a...“ a... m m... Mmm vasoconstriction of blood vessels going to organs that are 0"!“- . W not important to the fight or flight response, bronchioles o man out to the hmgs dilate to make breathing easier, blood :Vuomtifin glucose concentration increases. o m dint- . M yucca- scrum trauma 0 Goose Map mm The W In”: PM Jot w‘mmmwm 9— Go to the next screen: The parasympathetic has a mm - relaxin effect. undue-men : If ”Inflation at up". With: m n- - nnhmg nil-cu oer- . cm outrun m 0 Pool: comm . am 00m . lbw I‘ll-ll m . m Minion . tum Gt m “In M W AMI mum on“: o“— his Alanna-l: mad w m W: I .mmummwu G0 to the next screen: To maintain homeostasis mum-u E”? '“"""‘ ”mm" “m the body must balance activity levels between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system. Under resting conditions the body expends less energy than at other times; most of the energy that is expended in the digestion and absorption of nutrients from recently ingested food. With low energy demands the heart does not need to work as hard, because organs’ demand for blood is low. The parasympathetic nervous system exerts dominant control over the body’s organs under ...
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