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img140 - Click the Home Menu Button usual-“w ”madman m...

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Unformatted text preview: Click the Home Menu Button usual-“w ”madman m ”Manama-mm”: a flaw-“www.mmowV a Min—Mm- : c Axen-mlflmmtun- WWI-gm “m." " mmlflmlbnmteol. nun-— nun—‘— o-uuu ~ , 4 (WW 1:1,. 0 nun-n ‘ fl , t .7 v i A... X lulu-inn v / O mud-um M | ~hw who—Oli— O Mutants-MIMI: _- medium ”atam“”' a. W out-um":- mw mmmnmmzm I...“ Machines: in...” mum-max __ Whamumcusuw “h. Mmmmm-uwm-xm nit-u— mun-mam Aw” mum-Immanuel.”- immigrant-“unusual...- Ina-na- mung—u Huh lye-uh. yuan-‘- Page 2 of 5 Click the Anatomy Review Button: Most neurons contain a cell body and two types of neural processes that extend from the cell body: the dendrites (receptive portion) and an axon (transmitting portion). The cell body (soma) contains the cell nucleus and most of the cell's organelles; it carries out most of the functions that other cells perform, such as protein synthesis and cellular metabolism. m, I. mum Go to the next screen: Three functional classes of neurons: efferent neurons (transmit information from the CNS to effector organs), afferent neurons (transmit information to the CNS), and intemeurons that account for 99% of all neurons in the body and located in the CNS. we’ll/wea— Fug—£11913} (10%“ of NWQDS 13 °% (CNS ~9{E€€C‘\tr OPEC/L?) 0 athr (he; -> CNS) 0 {ft-terrmuwn; (can/Lad: A¥EU Go to the next screen: Glial cells account for 90%ofallcellsintheCN cum, CQHQJWW ujansmissian —provid stmctural integri the a “[ng 1-0 ; nervous system. Fm 0 g ce 8: SchwamerNS ffij’: , all! cells and oligodendrocytes and important to us. Go to the next screen: Primary function of oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells is to form an “W around the axons of neurons. Go to the next screen: The insulation enables neurons to nansmit action potentials more effi i and M Myelin consists of concentric layers of the plasma membranes of either oligodendrocytm or Schwann cells. Note the Nodes of Ranvier. These are gaps in the myelin. They are important sites for voltage— gated sodium and potassium channels that transmit action potentials by allowing ion movement across the membrane. ...
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