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Unformatted text preview: “and“ new. ”m““""‘"""" G0 to the next screen: Click the Passive or Active ""‘""'"""" Button: Active channels have gates that can be aged or ____ mmmwumm'”"m cl_o_sg1._P§ssiv\echannels or leakage clnnnels m a...” mm'mmm“”"‘ wd ions are moving through them on a continual 3:: basis. :2: . fl . "b , O {me-d: 6 m“w Go to the next screen: Active channels are Ion—u":— important because their gates are controlled by ”WMMwM" voltage. So, lets go back to one of the important points 3“ WWW we just discussed — membrane potential. Remember a... that neurons are relatively more negative on the inside Ill—ll- muumwmm __ Whmuaflifid‘” —_ muutyiwmmwm. nun—n lull-anthem of the cell than they are outside. This creates the membrane potential. Yum-wanna” hum!“ Mg: WNW “ 7 7 “w; Go to the next screen. When the neuron is at emu—s. mt then all the gated channels are closed. The leek .- : * channels are open and Na+ and K+ ions are always ”- “mum? M leaking down their concentration gradient. As the :2“ electrical cmrent travels down the neuron this Isa—— Wuumumwm nun—~— “mow-mmmdwr Inn- mmlvflymmwflw a“... tannin-m disturbs the membrane causing the voltage gate to open. This is a potassium voltage gate and it is opening when the membrane potential reaches +30 mV. The channel closes when the voltage is eith‘e? side of +30 mV. Don’t worry about the voltage value at the moment. Just be alerted to the way voltage gated channels work. Remember that voltage gated channels are difl‘erentgfim leakage m VIEW-Mama summit-i channels that are always open. 33“" “""°°"""""‘"'""" Go to the next screen: Voltage gated sodium "“""""""" mum-«Mm...» channels are rather unique. They have both activation mmmuwbmw-ubmm and Wm At resting membrane potential the _._... egg inactivatm' “he is 0E“ and the activation gate is °-- _- ’ - do; '7 closed. When an electrical stimulus reaches this channel '2:— W 7 ‘3 , the activation gate will open and the Na+ ion will pass ~-—-- ‘ ; isnn‘fi through. cue-"n- a , 1xpr 6 L Go to the next screen: Here the activation gate is umnmwnbmmp-a—nu . _ , mmimbW—l- open in response to an electrical stimulus. lm-fl‘o G Page 4 of5 ...
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