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img152 - m N G0 to the next screen Polysaccharides are m...

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Unformatted text preview: m N G0 to the next screen: Polysaccharides are m carbohydrates formed by the covalent bonding of several «mu-=- W monosaccharides. Glycogen is a polymer of glucose w”- '3 subunits and is therefore a polysaccharide. Several types :3: , of cells in the body can store glucose as glycogen and “‘3 later break it down for glucose when needed. : lcumm m by mum wig at m in mm In [Gym-amummhmm E 'm - I an: of finer-o lulu-t In phi: 0 mm“ 5" u“ Go to the next screen: Lipids are a diverse [é an... urban mi W m a... .- group of biomolecules that contain primarily carbon ____ “W“ ”V WWW and hydrogen atoms linked together by w mm- [é Four-uh clas- wit-us n-tv-rv strum-In covalent bonds and do not ml! dissolve in :7:- “mm water. Most lipids also contain some oxygen and a: 4‘. A 5““ several contain phosphates, which may provide w areas of the molecule that are polar. A molecule that L—— #2:)?“ m contains Wm is called M- at law" am If no. There are four major classes that vary r K I ”3 W strucfilly and functionally — Wes, phospholi ids, eitysgoids and W8. Emma _ c... h. M" W Go to the next screen: Fatty acids are long chains of a carbon atoms with a carbogl 35922! - COOH) at one end. If wfifimm m m I ' m Most fatty acids contain and even number of carbon atoms, st mm 1 16 18carbo . - mo co ony or ns Four - _3 Importanthdurl — lumhro‘ldouhlohunda Smnhdhuyaeldleomammllnkodonlyby M: flaw \WA&S {gé'i< mWIddIeonNn manner-pained V ‘ EA urbomllnhdbydubhbonds Unscc’cuj'otkfibl: alofiLioLS fl mm“ "W W °°"""‘ “m" “k" "W ”Wm“ W Go to the next screen: An important feature of ‘ °\ fatty acid chains is the number of double bonds between a," “at, ’ukeu, ’ «aka-(“MN carbons. Wu Mrahdhnyaddswmh mommy-hum immhymuonas unsa_tur_a—_ted fatty acids contain one or more pairs of eurbons linked by double bonds and thus have fewer Wam- ...
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