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img153 - m“ w Go to the next screen Triglycerides are...

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Unformatted text preview: m“ w , Go to the next screen: Triglycerides are lipid Wm infirm molecules composed of glycerol and three fatty acids. W "W, ”.”"'""mw'°'m“°' The animation here shows a glycerol molecule that contains three hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups can combine with the carboxyl groups of three fatty acids. This reaction forms three molecules of water and one molecule of triglyceride. e6. Triglycerides are typically called fat. Triglycerides and fatty acids are nonmlar molecules due to the presence of nonpolar carbon-to—carbon and carbon to hydrogen bonds. They do not dissolve in water but readily dissolve in nonpolar solvents such as oil. /. ‘7 om?“I W; CL raw/non FAWN ‘. Gut m“ G0 to the next screen: Phospholipids are lipids that ' Mulls 5 form the core structure ofce geJLmemhnmes andgncelles. They - ‘ "ammo-bud are lipids that contain a phosphate group and are similar In WI.’ M’W‘Mmm structuretotriglycendesin 1:, ' . m5? p osphate group is . , 1111 g cerol. Thetwofattyacids , e’ all: main 1:. than 1 form the tail region of the phospholipid which is nonpolar (h ‘(lfo Wk" because of their long chain of carbons. The phosphate group is geneially attached to another chemical group and together form the head region, which is polar making the phospholipid an amphip athic molecule. The amphipathic property of phosphohp1ds gives them unique properties. The polar regions can dissolve 111 water, but the nonpolar regions cannot. When phospholipids are placed 1n water the polar regions face the water and the nonpolar regions face each other. Go to the next screen: This animation shows how the phospholipids orient themselves to form a physiologically important structure — the pho holipid bilayer, which is the core structure of cell membmgs, The phospholipids are arranged in two parallel layers. The tails of parallel phospholipids face inward toward each other, and the heads face the outside, where they come into contact with the aqueous environment. WWKWMsWMN-‘t _ _., mmuWw—m gummmmm G0 to the next screen: The micelle is the second __im_po_nant physiological structure formed by . 1 1 :1- holipids. A micellg is a spherical structure composed of a @ yer of Iphospholipids; it functionsinthe . mt - 1 environment The heads of the phospholipids face outward, where they come into contact with the aqueous environment; the tails face inward, forming a hydrophobic interior. memmmmw” mammals 5 ...
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