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Unformatted text preview: Oflmquu hmunflnwmfiflh. )"‘"““ .unuuwuwumuununnuhw-Mmu-r )M m m ' G0 to the next screen: ghnlesm molecules within the bilay er can WWW between the phospholipid tails. This can cause ' ' of the bilayer and dmeaseJhe—fluidigg. Water molecules are polar but because they are very small they can cross the lipid bilayer. W “W! Go to the next screen: The plasma membrane has many _ proteins that are dispersed in the bilayer. There are two main esof roteins. These roteins haveman functions includin tr 'n, id ' ' ,information HE P___ p y g W M receptors and messengers. ‘T 7506 D .Cllhvmtranspon molecules from one std. 5 the membrane to the other “ ' r5 mew N Q $03911 iltfilefimtti ““§§.~-oor0!'frttflt 99%;“ to man. coll Ohm-Wu“: these proteins to tell friendly cells from foreign Invaders . Marker pretelns are as We: fingerprinm Hu‘!“~muuur* ”((6 \\nsuumuerrictfl (I U" M0 “9,5 «pf Mhmfluuqmmwwummmmmu .W'er-umnflumr plvhhtaundlmtomommmm Go to the next screen: Some membrane proteins are called “WWW because they span the lipid bilayer. One example of a transmembrane protein is themggin — their function is to mm lecules from one side of mbran . Go to the next screen: Some membrane proteins Wm direction, An example is the marker protein that serves to identify the cell. G0 to the next screen: Other membrane proteins transmit signal from outside the cell to the inside. Receptor; proteins for hormones are an example. ,(wné [ewe/D 8 Page 2 of 5 ...
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