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Unformatted text preview: 1 r [baa/ma; — Cklgt‘DsL-fllfii‘bw s Muss/Mew, éW’ mm” WW Go to the next screen: Non membranous organelles have "mam no membrane separating them fi’om the cytosol. They consist of 0...... biomolecules organized into structures that perform specific E" 2.2?” “MM flmctions within the cell. Examples include ribosomes and the bf.“ w gym—skeleton. Ribgmmes are dense granules composed of rRNA p.u-—- “um-"WWW and proteins that We. The cxtgskeleton ,__-—;_-—. "M ”W" ' “W” is a flexible lattice of fibrous proteins also called filaments that " mmgm mm". mm the cell. Emfilwmmm Owe- ‘m disassemble as necesgry. Several types of filaments form the 9 m... m-mm."m cytoskeleton including mmfimts and mimtubules. m1mwm m, Microtnhules are filaments with the ham and composed of long hollow tubes They WE) the cytoskeleton. They are also components of WW ~ both are hairlike protrusions from the cell surface that can move in a wavelike manner propelling particles along hollow conduits in the body. Ann example is the respiratory tract — cilia move mucus containing trapped inhaled particles out of the lungs and toward the month. Click Home Menu Button mm m Click Cell adhesion button: In many tissues cells are held mm together by special membrane proteins called cell adhesion . {\5 Q hmmmmmwnw. molecules. There are fl; 5: m of cell IE. cg'ons * tight junctions, 6 {Ida mmwmmm de’smnsomes and Motions. We will come back and talk about W “*W . W.wmhw each m subsequent lecture modules. Roll over each button to I m __ ._ m-Mhmmu see a graphic ofeach type ofjunction ”#Mhnmdmm I mmmejm,Mu;ueue-Amvus"(50 3—:- 9” Click Home Menu Button You have completed this learning module. Page 5 of 5 ...
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