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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Module 2c Notes: Protein Synthesis. Eleven multiple-choice questions are assigned to the content of this section. m: l l ”"M Opening screen: Proteins are important biomolecules in ”Hams—r our cells. The DNA contains the genetic codes for the synthesis of all the proteins. Although the DNA is located in l-I-VilII it man-- the nucleus, protein synthesis takes place in cytoplasm. Elm-aw- arm DNA consists of two complementary strands of nucleotides awn-mu- .MHMHMM twisted together to form a double helix. You will see DNA Wm represented in different ways. In the space filling model each 0"“ .EvIrymctsushaldqu-hslixm atom is represented by a small sphere. The ribbon model uses ribbons to represent the sugar backbone of the DNA. The DNA is too precious to be let out of the the nucleus where it is o mun-mu- mnuwmmmdm‘ costlier-ms .mmAbhopncioustoh-htfld ”MW" protected. The code must be transmitted to another molecule " ‘mmmmm” called messenger RNA (mRNA) that can move into the cytoplasm where the actual protein is synthesized. 2.2.? a G0 to the next screen: Here you see the major “players” in the “EM-”w ’ ' ‘ ' ‘ protein synthesis process: The DNA (in the nucleus), rough ER and 5;“; m__,___ the ribosomes (attached to the ER), the smoothlER and the Golgi HES... u-m apparatus. Roll over each button to see where these structures a»... are located. Bum-‘— GOALS F02 LEMMNG Click the learning goals button: In this module we will take a I the meaning ovum and mason and general look at the entire process of protein synthesis. There are three. “mm m” m“ °°°“’ general steps _ 1) DNA is transcribed according to the genetic code by than.“ M W. W' m the mRNA, 2) the mRNA moves from the nucleus to the cytoplasm, 3) I new the mRNA is translated by ribosomes on the ER to form the correct amino acid sequence of file protein in the cytoplasm. The learning goals for this module are designed to provide you with the information you nwd to understand how these three steps interact to synthesize protein. I mm mm or protein: / naps—booth“ Click Home Menu Button 33.." """m'" "w“mm Click Protein Synthesis Overview Button: First we will thm E : overview the entire process. Then we will come back and study some of 3:; a the most important parts of the process in greater detail. 0 . _ °:‘ AéL-EQAQ-S‘ 5 (99"— K V ./~ “Three We}! ____ 5 ; 87—3-1... . . 9...... ‘3 Transtrtehofi Ei 2) Tc wafer ed» ’on 3) Trm5l‘L'h‘OrN Page 1 of8 ...
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