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Unformatted text preview: Go to the next screen: The second tRNA brings in its anticodon and places it in the A site on the ribosome. Go to the next screen: And the process continues until a termination or “stop” codon is reached on the mRNA. At that point, the polypeptide is released, and the ribosome and mRNA dissociate. 9"" %To mum-inc the steps; Ag .27.: l) The small ribosomal subunit binds to the mRNA m m m m 5““ ”u °°° ‘°" ”°‘ 2) The initiator tRNA binds to the mRNA 3:: 9:71.; a: “5’ “a" 1.: “e‘ t’ 3) The large ribosomal subunit binds to the mRNA E q 8 4) The tRNA with the 2ml amino acid binds to the A site “(at , 5 5) CW are\fonned between methionine and the second amino aci .' JJ‘ 7 ‘ d’ is” < (4 uoflgé I rt’ZN A- ~ tem’tclL r {base ms Go to the next screen: On the screen is another view of what we have just discussed. As the movie plays verbalize what is happening. mm“ ””""""""“'"°" Go to the next screen: Unless the final destination ofa protein is to 'W 4‘ gemain in the cytosol, the first functioning sequence of amino acids that is 8:2" . ___ _ ea‘xrwgtranslated in a polypeptide chain is the leader sequence that is synthesized G): mam 8% during translation by ribosomes free in the cytosol. The leader sequence 9...»... mm; of a protein that has been translated function to determine the destination ®-— i m“ “*xiW oftlle protein. ”Wm , G [“39 are? ave the cell or be us ' ' /‘!§§J‘ ' .m“h O -- M! “3“?” OMOW: If protein synthesis is to occur in association with the 0 ”T """""" endoplmmic reticulum then the leudca' sequence and its associated “a": 9" ribosome bind to proteins on the endoplasmic reticulum called signal recognition proteins. Once the ribosome is attached to the endoplasmic reticulum, protein synthesis continues, with the polypeptide chain passing through the membrane and entering the lumen of the rough ER. Click Home Menu Button "um— Click DNA replication button: Most cells in the body have a limited life (5" Pom span, and therefore cell division is necessary to provide a continuing line of cells mun-"*- for the body. Cell division is also necessary for tissue growth. When cells divide >“"""'“v"' “Mm DNA must be copied exactly so that each daughter cell receives a complete set 22'3“" of DNA. We will on] briefly overview the general DNA replication process. uh “I: ‘9’ ' ‘ ”ALI“ «Mix \ s n—o \M‘ .50 Jhotgq MW W 4 6‘ '1‘ at“) C'M/ -- fly) it: " “m“ “m” to the next screen: In principle DNA lication is simple. i rep f (“mm The two complementary DNA strands separate. Because each @532 ”"mm' 11 ' canon airwith its com liment—Awith T;Cwith G; :9“ Was a template to build a new complementary 39...... strand producing two DNA molecules. m mm 111:1 0 l lep-lvfltfih mm Page 7 of8 ...
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