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img170 - mm” W Go to the next screen In the cell DNA...

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Unformatted text preview: mm” W Go to the next screen: In the cell DNA replication is a little more ”grim complicated but the principle is the same. For clarity we untwist the double 2"...“ ‘ helix. DNA Whoa-begins at specific sites called origjg of gglicatiop. 63"" a...“ a...“ ‘3 Proteins attach here and separate the DNA strands forming replication (9*- m m ‘ bubbles, which grow in both directions and catalyze the elongation of new m. m. strands. Eventually the replication bubbles merge yielding two identical 1‘3— W DNA molecules. ,/ For chm - ummr on m m. W” I am noun- a any. aim E: 2' Click Home Menu Button Page 8 of8 You have now completed this module. <én<§\ On. 9:) ’ ...
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