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img172 - example of this occurs when proteins are broken...

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Unformatted text preview: example of this occurs when proteins are broken down into amino acids or when glycogen is broken down into its individual glucose molecules. Click the Anabolic Reaction Example Button: A reaction is anabolic if it involves the production of larger molecules from smaller reactants. An example is the synthesis of proteins from amino acids and the synthesis of glycogen from glucose. mm...” ' Go to the next screen: Metabolic reactions are linked together in a “a“ my mmnm WWW-'- series of steps such that the products of one reaction serve as the reactants 0‘ or moon-o M d m m II'VI II III _ _ W "‘ man—hm m in the next. These series 0 reactions are referred to as metabollc pathways. G __ it 11...me maubdic pm The final product is called the W and substances in the middle of the pathway are called intermediates. v T'- fllfl m h M D II “I M II A x @‘W‘e’s r» r»: we: .mhm-flfl-dhmnefld Z “t 63 1 , . I'M-v! . . I El m 0 hqolzoikig'5_i (undo/[sodwa 73 (hos? her at [R‘ho R1“ til-ff‘osihw'f' ' Click the Home Menu Button 5) om' 019,550“ — rectcLCh on “WM. ”'“w Click the Ca 'es of Metabolic Reactions Button: Now we will ”w exam' ee general es metabolic reactions that occur in all metabolic 5);: -. “ergwm’m processes 7 y lysis and condensation reactionsua phosphorylation and 9“" My” dephosphorylation reactions, and 3") oxidation—reduction reactions. ME} Canaan-«Mm “W Chm-Immanu- Ow nun-n- . . » my)“ a.) finest 1-6th ( M + adncJ/L,» [afl— «4 W55 :— o “0:” d wumm Go to the next Screen: Most catabolic reactions occur through MW hydrolysis (splitting with water). A—I ' “HI-'0" O "—3 (9.....— Chck the Play Animation Button: Here you wrll see how water G)“- "QW‘OLVQ reacts with molecules, causing breakage of the bonds that link the molecules OE] together. In this case, the bonds that are broken are the peptide bonds that a a link amino acids together to form proteins. The general form of a hydrolysis reaction is shown on the screen. Here the molecule A-B is broken down into °~___ amfi M ‘M constituents parts, A and B, as a result of the breaking of the bond that MM-nmwwmdh-fi originally linked them together. In this process, a water molegglg snlm' m to ~ Q I mm E M” E twoM—ahxirgulmupt-OH!andahydrogent—HLThe—OH combines with A while the —H combines with B. As a result the bond between A and B is broken and replaced with the new bonds. an“ wag-wan:— mm” A.“ , PH .—. , M Go to the next screen: The reverse of hydrolysis is condensation. In this case smaller molecules are joined to form a larger one. - g N\ 1' //° \ 34%“ ®:—. /"i‘° mm- I \m C . . . _ . . G u "1“ m- J... hck the Play Animation Button. An example of condensation is when 0-— e - amino acids are joined together to form proteins and way is generated as a Mist- ...
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