Case Brief � Anderson v. Mergenhagen

Case Brief � Anderson v. Mergenhagen - privacy Rule...

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Patricia Massachi Business Law Case Brief – Anderson v. Mergenhagen Facts After Dick and Karyn Andersons marriage collapsed and they divorced, Karyn harassed Dick's new wife Maureen, until Maureen obtained a warrant for Karyn's arrest. Karyn's new boyfriend, Paul Merfenhagen, then began following Maureen on more than a dozen occasions. Paul took photos of Maureen while she was driving in her car or walking with her children. The security guard at the entrance to the Anderson's subdivision corroborated Maureen's account that Paul lay in wait for her and that she was "visibly shaken and upset, almost to the point of tears." Maureen filed a suit in a Georgia state court against Paul, alleging invasion of privacy. Issue Are Paul's actions towards Maureen considered intrusion of one's
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Unformatted text preview: privacy? Rule Watching or observing a person in a public place is not an intrusion upon one's privacy. Application Georgia courts have held that surveillance of an individual on public thoroughfares, where such surveillance aims to frighten or torment a person, is an unreasonable intrusion upon a person's property. However, in cases holding that public surveillance did not establish a privacy violation, the courts found that the surveillance was reasonable given the light of the situation. Reasonable surveillance is recognized as a common method to obtain evidence to defend a lawsuit. Conclusion The court issued a summary judgment in Paul's favor on this charge....
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Case Brief � Anderson v. Mergenhagen - privacy Rule...

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