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Test 1 Review La Belle Époque Characteristics? o Denial of the grim realities of life o Embrace of manners and etiquette o Rejection of showing any kind of emotions o Deification of technology Forces that destroyed it? o Anarchism Anarchists did not believe in the rule of law 5 heads of states were assassinated by anarchists o Artists and intellectuals Began to question the accepted rules and ideas Explored the interior world of the psyche as well as the hypocrisy of society Created their own conventions o The suffragette movement Women wanted equal rights and the right to vote Women protested their dehumanization into men’s playthings o Technology Was deified Was the means of living a more leisurely life style Leveled class barriers when it became more accessible to many Turned treacherous when used to create the new weaponry o WWI The reality of the war could not be kept at bay by the privileged classes Many aristocrats and rich people volunteered and were killed Role of technology? o To create innovations make life easier o Brought social changes in education, industry, and commerce. o Leveled the classes in society When did it flourish? o Flourished between 1890-1914 Association in France, England, and the United States? o France- pursuit of pleasure, culture and beauty o England- pursuit of power through the colonization of one quarter of the world o United states- pursuit of wealth Ways in which artists and intellectuals rebelled against it? o Worked for liberation of the mind o Rebelled against conservative world views o Showing human flaws Modernism
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When did it flourish? o 1900-1930 How did it originate? o People began to question artistic, social, scientific, and moral conventions through radical forms of aesthetic expression What is the mission of the modernists? o Revitalize the arts by rebelling, conveying freedom, and by finding aesthetic equivalents for the spirit of the age. What were the forces that changed the way that the modernists understood the self? o Technology and the new science o The new philosophical paradigms o The new psychological paradigms o The new geo-political paradigms What were the old rules that the modernists rejected? o The way that art had to be done in a highly polished style that used historical or mythological subject matter that had a moralistic tone o Everything was uniform, no new ideas were accepted o The idea that things could be perceived a being steadily and whole from privileged point of view o The belief in objectivity o Faith in logic and certainty What were the modernist innovations? o Reality and individuals are in a constant state of flux Multiple points of view, ambiguity, fragmentation o Reality is a mental construct, a human meditation Stream of consciousness, distortion, abstraction o Rationality and order are repressive, destructive forces Mockery, shock, randomness, myth Why were modernists nihilists? What is nihilism?
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humanities review1 - Test 1 Review La Belle poque...

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