vj1116 一元三次方程æ&p

Vj1116 一元三次方程æ&p

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const zero=1e-3; var a,b,c,d,x1,x2:real; function f(x:real):real; begin exit(a*x*x*x+b*x*x+c*x+d); end; function calc(l,r:real):real; var mid:real; begin if abs(l-r)<zero then exit(l); mid:=(l+r)/2; if f(l)*f(mid)>0 then exit(calc(mid,r)) else exit(calc(l,mid));
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Unformatted text preview: end; procedure main; begin readln(a,b,c,d); x1:=(-2*b-sqrt(4*b*b-12*a*c))/(6*a); x2:=(-2*b+sqrt(4*b*b-12*a*c))/(6*a); write(calc(-100,x1):0:2,' '); write(calc(x1,x2):0:2,' '); writeln(calc(x2,100):0:2); end; begin main; end....
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