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Unformatted text preview: const maxn=5000; var n:integer; a:array[0..maxn] of char; f:array[0..maxn,0..maxn] of integer; function min(x,y:integer):integer; begin if x<=y then exit(x) else exit(y); end; procedure init; var i:integer; begin readln(n); for i:=1 to n do read(a[i]); end; procedure main; var l,i:integer; begin for l:=2 to n do for i:=1 to n-l+1 do if a[i]=a[i+l-1] then f[i,i+l-1]:=f[i+1,i+l-2] else f[i,i+l-1]:=min(f[i+1,i+l-1],f[i,i+l-2])+1; end; procedure print; begin writeln(f[1,n]); end; begin init; main; print; end. ...
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