vj1334 NASA的食物计划

Vj1334 NASA的食物计划

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Unformatted text preview: const maxn=50; maxv=400; var n,m,vinteger; a,b,carray[0..maxn] of integer; farray[0..maxv,0..maxv] of longint; function max(x,ylongint)longint; begin if x=y then exit(x) else exit(y); end; procedure init; var iinteger; begin readln(v,m); readln(n); for i=1 to n do readln(a[i],b[i],c[i]); end; procedure main; var i,j,kinteger; begin fillchar(f,sizeof(f),0); for i=1 to n do for j=v downto a[i] do for k=m downto b[i] do f[j,k]=max(f[j,k],f[j-a[i],k-b[i]]+c[i]); end; procedure print; begin writeln(f[v,m]); end; begin init; main; print; end. ...
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