vj1378 矩阵取数游戏

Vj1378 矩阵取数游戏

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Unformatted text preview: // //DP //f[i,j]=max(g[k,i]*2^(m-j+i)+f[i+1,j] , g[k,j]*2^(m-j+i)+f[i,j-1]) // / // // f[i,i]=g[k,i]*2^m / const maxp=20; maxn=80; base=10000; type bignum=record l:integer; a:array[0..maxp] of longint; end; var n,m:integer; g:array[0..maxn,0..maxn] of integer; ans,t1,t2,tmp:bignum; pow:array[0..maxn] of bignum; f:array[0..maxn,0..maxn] of bignum; function max(x,y:bignum):bignum; var i:integer; begin if x.l>y.l then exit(x); if x.l<y.l then exit(y); for i:=x.l downto 1 do begin if x.a[i]>y.a[i] then exit(x); if x.a[i]<y.a[i] then exit(y); end; exit(x); end; procedure add(var x:bignum; y:bignum); var i:integer; begin if y.l>x.l then x.l:=y.l; for i:=1 to x.l do begin inc(x.a[i],y.a[i]); if x.a[i]>=base then begin inc(x.a[i+1]); dec(x.a[i],base); end; end; if x.a[x.l+1]>0 then inc(x.l); end; procedure mul(var x:bignum; y:bignum); var i,j:integer; begin fillchar(tmp,sizeof(tmp),0); for i:=1 to x.l dofor i:=1 to x....
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Vj1378 矩阵取数游戏

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