vj1405 古韵之同心锁

Vj1405 古韵之同心锁

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//±ÉÈ˵ķ½·¨ //Ä£Äâ×Å×ö¾ÍÐÐ / var m,n,p:integer; s,b:ansistring; procedure init; begin readln(s); readln(m,n,p); end; procedure cal; var i,j,l:integer; begin if n=1 then begin for i:=1 to length(s) do if ord(s[i]) in [65. .90] then s[i]:=chr(ord(s[i])+32) else if ord(s[i]) in [97. .122] then s[i]:=chr(ord(s[i])-32); s:=s+'Immorta1'; end; if n=2 then begin b:=copy(s,m,length(s)-m+1); s:=copy(s,1,m-1); l:=length(b); while pos(b,s)>0 do begin j:=pos(b,s); s:=copy(s,1,j-1)+copy(s,j+l,length(s)-j-l+1);
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Vj1405 古韵之同心锁

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