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01 2010 03 Fall Bios101L Intro

01 2010 03 Fall Bios101L Intro - A Brief Message from Dr...

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i A Brief Message from Dr. Sandridge (You can call me Jon) Since Biological Sciences (BIOS) 101L is very likely your first university lab course, it is important that you get off to a good start. The following information, if followed throughout the semester, will improve your learning of laboratory concepts in the biological sciences, will make your laboratory work much more enjoyable, and will probably improve your laboratory grade. This course may have a reputation as a “weed-out” class. It’s not. Since this is a class for non-majors, there is nothing to weed you out of! As possibly your only exposure to biology, or maybe even science in your UNL undergraduate experience, this class is intended to be a “weed-in” one. My goal is to make everyone want to switch majors to Biology. I realize this isn’t going to happen, and accept that most of you won’t seriously consider it for even a moment. This is my 4 th year as coordinator, and I’m still in the process of making this course more in line with my views of what a Biology laboratory experience should be. I think that labs should illustrate the concepts covered in lecture: you learn it in lecture and
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