Fall 1108 Journal I Requirement

Fall 1108 Journal I Requirement - observed Your hypothesis...

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Journal I Requirement This is a reflective journal requirement. You are to reflect on Aaron Davis’ presentation. The paper is to be two pages, double spaced, 12 points, Times New Roman or Arial font. The following guidance may be helpful for your reflective journal writing: 1. Describe objectively what happened. Answer the question, “What did I see and hear?” 2. Interpret the event: - Explain what you saw and heard - Your new insights - Your connections with other learning, your feelings of what was
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Unformatted text preview: observed- Your hypothesis; your conclusions- Answer the question, “What might this mean?” 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of what was observed:- Make judgments clearly connected to the observations made Evaluation answers the question, “What is my opinion about what I observed and/or experienced?” Why? 4. Plan how this information will be useful to you:- What are your recommendations? (Be concrete) Consider: “In what ways might this learning experience serve me in my future?”...
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