LECTURE SYLLABUS, Fall (1108) Semester 2010

LECTURE SYLLABUS, Fall (1108) Semester 2010 - LECTURE...

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LECTURE SYLLABUS College of Business Administration, BSAD 101, Business Leadership Development Fall Semester 2010 (1108) Course meets for ten weeks: August 23 – October 29 Class Times: Monday, Lecture Section 950 at 1:30 pm, CBA 143/104 OR Wednesday, Lecture Section 960 at 1:30, CBA 143 Students attend one assigned lecture plus one assigned recitation. Contact Information: INSTRUCTOR: Bede A. Bolin GRADUATE ASSISTANT: Tegra Straight Office: Abel-Sandoz STAR Center Office Office: CBA 138 Phone: 472-7128/3799 Phone: 472-2310 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Office hours: MTW: by appointment Office hours: by appointment W: Walk-in: 8:00am- 12:00pm Classroom information: Monday and Wednesday lectures are on the first floor of the College of Business Administration, in CBA Classroom 143 and overflow in Classroom 104, across the hall from Room 143. Fill in all the seats in Classroom 143 first, then go to Classroom 104, the lecture requires maximum seating capacity in both rooms. Course Objectives/Outcome: 1. To help each student understand the fundamental principles of business administration and ethical leadership and to guide each student to develop his or her own unique talent and potential through assignments, exercises, and self awareness activities as well as out-of-class experiences and programs; 2. To help new students fully assimilate into the culture of UNL and CBA; 3. To help familiarize students with the full range of disciplines, academic opportunities and experiences available in the College of Business Administration at the University and in the broader community; 4. To develop a deeper and broader understanding and appreciation for the diverse experiences in science, art, culture, etc. available at a research institution. 5. To facilitate students at the very outset of their college experience to leverage their strengths to enhance learning and academic planning and position them to take advantage of future career opportunities; 6. To learn about others and opportunities and explore how diverse groups, organizations, and cultures are
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LECTURE SYLLABUS, Fall (1108) Semester 2010 - LECTURE...

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