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Research Problem 2 - a Facts(these can be copied from 1...

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Accounting 3410 Name__________________________________ Fall 2010 Research Problem 2 Score (20 points possible)____________ Requirements: 1. Amanda Smart travels frequently as part of her employment. Her employer pays for all of Amanda’s travel expenses. As A result of her extensive air travel, Amanda accumulates frequent flyer miles which she is allowed to use for personal travel. 2. Research the following issue: Is Amanda required to recognize gross income from the receipt and use of the frequent-flyer miles? 3. Report the results of your research using the following format:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Facts (these can be copied from 1 above). b. Issue (stated in 2 above). c. Conclusion (Usually "yes" or "no." A brief explanation is sometimes included.) d. Authority: Usually, the authority is copied from the source and pasted into your report in the appropriate place. Important parts of the authority may be underlined or highlighted. Comments may be written in the margins to clarify the application of the authority if necessary. The research report is to be useful, not necessarily beautiful. 4. The results of your research need not be typed. Please Write legibly....
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