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BME 418, Quantitative Cell Biology Alan J. Hunt Introduction to cell structure, bacteria The primary goal of this course is to introduce general principals of cellular structure and functioning. This course will diverge from traditional cell biology classes in its focus on physical aspects of how cellular structures are constructed and how they fulfill tasks required to sustain life. The aim is to provide engineering students the background necessary for projects involving quantitative manipulation or study of cells. Note that this does not mean we will shy away from aspects of cell biology that are less physical or quantitative. Much of the current data on cells is descriptive, and determining where quantitative research can have the greatest impact requires familiarity with this data. Although I will try to avoid getting too immersed in minutia, a certain amount of raw memorization is required to understand this subject. The primary text will be "Molecular Cell Biology" by Lodish et al. Since this is a new type of course there is no entirely appropriate text, so this will be supplemented with other materials which will be posted on the course CTOOLS website. For the same reason, the materials covered in lecture may not be available anywhere else. In the interest of keeping the course up to date, lectures may diverge from the notes, and adherence to the syllabus is not guaranteed. The grading policy is B-B+ at mean, but I reserve right to change this up or down depending on the class performance. Grades are based on: 35% final, 30% mid-term, 35% problem sets. The final exam will follow the University of Michigan schedule, which can be found at: http://www.umich.edu/~regoff/exams/ . In the interest of keeping a level playing field in this challenging course, the final exam date is not flexible; in the interest of fairness to all
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1+-+Introduction - BME 418, Quantitative Cell Biology Alan...

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