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Quiz+2+Solutions (1) - b Since osmotic pressure in an...

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BME 221 Fall 2009 - Quiz 2 (4 pts total) 1. Based only on osmotic pressure considerations, can a tree grow taller or shorter in warmer climates compared to cooler climates? Explain. Since trees achieve transport up the trunk to high branches by utilizing osmotic pressure, increased osmotic pressure provides adequate transport for a taller height. (Either a or b is fine as an explanation for why osmotic pressure increases) (2 pts) a) . As temperature increases, the osmotic pressure increases as well.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Since osmotic pressure in an entropic effect, it is more pronounced at higher T. 2. Why are deviations from ideal behavior more of an issue in electrolyte solutions than non-electrolyte solutions? (2 pts) Electrolytes are charged, meaning there are additional electrostatic interactions (even at larger distances than VanderWaal interactions). This leads to a lower effective concentration of free ions because of the formation of ion pairs, etc....
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