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Quiz+3+Solutions (1) - variables b concentration/pH(same...

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11/18/09 Quiz 3 (7 pts) 1. a) Formulate LeChatlier’s principle. (1 pt) b) Name 3 variables you can make predictions about based on LeChatlier’s principle. (1 pt each) 2. Why is ΔG° so negative for ATP hydrolysis? Give at least 2 reasons. (2 pts) 3. How does biochemistry accomplish reactions that are not by themselves spontaneous? (1 pt) 1. a) The system will shift to minimize the change that is applied. LeChatlier’s Principle gives you a prediction about how a system at equilibrium will change based on changes to certain
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Unformatted text preview: variables. b) concentration/pH (same answer), temperature, (partial) pressure, volume 2. The hydrolysis of ATP into ADP and inorganic phosphate reduces steric crowding, creates more resonance structures, and reduces electrostatic repulsion. 3. Endergonic reactions are coupled with strongly exergonic reactions (ΔG of exergonic reaction is more negative than ΔG of endergonic reaction is positive) so that the overall reaction has a negative ΔG....
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