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11/23/09 Quiz 4 (9 pts) 1. What would happen if you put two wires of different metals into a solution of electrolyte? a) If you used a voltmeter, would you measure a potential (yes/no)? (1 pt) yes b) Why? (2 pts) Each metal has a specific standard reduction potential, or tendency to acquire electrons and be reduced. When there is a difference in reduction potential between the two metals in electrical contact (via the soln), a transfer of electrons will occur, creating a current and thus a potential. 2. Draw an electrochemical cell that would work as a battery. Label everything relevant. (3 pts) Example: Answer must include a salt bridge, metal electrodes and their respective ions in both
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Unformatted text preview: compartments, and a wire connecting the two electrodes. If anode, cathode, and/or electron flow are labeled, they must be labeled correctly. 3. Do you know how a flu vaccine is produced? If yes, explain. (1 pt) “Flu vaccines are usually grown in fertilized chicken eggs. The virus is injected into an egg. It is allowed to multiply in the embryo for several days. Then the egg is opened and the virus is harvested. After being purified and inactivated, it is used to make vaccine.” (www.myoptumhealth.com) 4. Give two name suggestions for Dr. Mayer’s daughter. (2 pts) Sarah Emma Rachel Apple Katie Orange Banana Brown Verde Schnizel Michaela...
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