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BME 221 12/11/09 Quiz 6 1. What is the rate law for a reaction with only the following single elementary step: A+B P, if the rate constant is equal to k 1 ? Because this is an elementary step, we know the mechanism involves A and B, so: Rate = k 1 [A][B] This could be written as rate = k 1 [A] x [B] y iff x=1 and y=1 2. What is the overall order of the reaction that obeys the following rate law:
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Unformatted text preview: Rate = k[C] 2 [D] Overall order = sum of exponents = 2+1 = 3 3. You measure the kinetics of a simple reaction: A → products, and find that the half-life of this reaction is independent of the initial concentration. What does this tell you about the order of the reaction? First-order reaction (Recall that t 1/2 = ln(2)/k for first-order)...
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