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Riley Sproul What is a black hole? 1-Intro/Background a- how a black hole forms -star formation (Scientific American: Feb. 2010) -star collapse b- meet the family -white dwarfs -neutron stars -black stars (Sci. Amer. Oct. 2009) -naked singularities (Sci. Amer. Feb. 2009) 2- Why is a black hole black a- event horizon (Hawking: Theory of Everything) -speed of light -jets b- erection disk (Hawking: Theory of Everything) -orbits -visibility (Sci. Amer. Dec. 2009) 3- Are black holes eternal
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Unformatted text preview: a- Shrinking (Susskind: The Black Hole War)-random particles vs. antiparticles (Sci. Amer. Oct. 2009)-negative mass 4- Hawking paradox (Susskind: The Black Hole War) a-information loss-Conservation of mass/energy b-solution 5- Conclusion a-meaning to astronomy/physics (Susskind: The Black Hole War) b-what is a black hole-possible uses (Kaku: Physics of the Impossible)-still very mysterious-learning experience for humanity...
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