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Writing Assignments - (c How many of its electron shells...

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WA # 5 (2 pts.) Name______________________ Due: Wednesday, March 3 rd Section_____________ 1. How many electrons in an atom can have the designation of : 4 f ? _______ 7 p y ? ______ 2. How many orbitals are there with the principal quantum # of n = 5? ________ 3. How many electrons can be placed in the 3 rd electron shell? ________ 4. Give one possible set of quantum numbers for an electron in a 5p orbital: n ________ ________ m ________ m s ________ 5. How many unpaired electrons are there in an atom of carbon in the ground state? _____ 6. How many valence electrons does sulfur have in the ground state? _________ 7. A neutral atom has an electron configuration of [Ar]4 s 2 3 d 10 4 p 1 . (a) What is this element? _________ (b) Is it an s -, p -, d -, or f -block element? _________
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Unformatted text preview: (c) How many of its electron shells are completely full? _________ (d) If the +1 cation is formed, what type of orbital is the electron removed from? _________ (e) Is the above cation paramagnetic? _________ 8. Answer the following questions concerning the orbital shown below: (a) What orbital is it? ________ (give electron shell, letter, and orientation subscript) (b) How many planar nodes does it have? _________ (c) How many radial nodes does it have? _________ 9. Using noble gas notation, give the electron configurations for the following: (a) Pb: (b) Ni 2+ : 10. Using the orbital box diagrams below show the electron configuration of Rh and Rh 3+ . 5 s 4 d Rh: [Kr] Rh 3+ : [Kr] x z...
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